RWMC Serbia organizes a run and party named “Season opening 2019”, which will be held on Saturday, 20th April 2019. The run starts at 10 AM and will last until late afternoon. In the evening, all can enjoy a rock concert (band: Rubick) and a party in RWMC Clubhouse in Pirot.

The route will start in Pirot, through Knjaževac and Niš, with a few brief stops (Bigar waterfal, MOL gas station in Knjaževac, Tressibaba viewpoint, and RWMC Niš Clubhouse). All bikers can join the ride, and are expected to respect the rules, the speed and the agenda of the group. The route is 205 kilometers long.

A more detailed itinerary is shown below:

The planned route (Pirot-Knjaževac-Niš) and leaving time from every stop.

In the evening, all of our guests will have the possibility to enjoy the music of Rubick, a band lined up with some of Pirot’s finest musicians (Joli, Vesko, Blondi, Mimi & Bojana). The party begins at 21:00 and the entrance is free of charge.

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