Rolling Wheels MC Serbia chapter Pirot would like to welcome you to Mountain Meet 2021, a motorcycle party which is to be held in Dojkinci village from 25th till 27th of June 2021. The planned festival will include a camp, variety of live bands, beautiful surroundings, trips to local nature monuments, and a guaranteed good time. This event is also an opportunity to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rolling Wheels MC chapter Pirot.

The beautiful village of Dojkinci is located 40 kilometers east of Pirot, in the very centre of Stara planina Nature park. The altitude is 850 meters above sea level. Due to its specific looks, flora, fauna, and the proximity of an entire palette of specific natural attractions, for decades, it has been a favourite picnic and holiday destination not only for many locals, but also hikers and mountaineers from the whole region.

Location coordinates are:

43°13’55.5″N 22°46’52.5″E
43.232094, 22.781250

We would like to state that there’s a possibility of renting rooms in Dojkinci for the duration of this event. You can make a reservation by contacting Miloš or Bojan via Facebook. Accommodation availability is limited, and booking it during the Meet will not be possible.

For more information, please follow the link to our FACEBOOK EVENT.

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